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At a time of stiff competition between regions, Nantes Saint-Nazaire is not just surviving but thriving...
Economic dynamism, accessibility, quality of life, a protected environment, culture and creativity: in all of these areas and more, Nantes Saint-Nazaire offers an embarrassment of riches.

The metropolis is home to some 2200 researchers and 200 laboratories spread accross companies universities and specialist schools, in a region with a particularly strong academic community, including over 50,000 students. Strong numbers which go some way to explaining the atmosphere of creativity and shared innovation which prevails in the metro area.

Nantes, the sixth largest city in France and European Green Capital in 2013, has made a conscious decision to focus on culture to reinforce its image and appeal, in synergy with the city's entrepreneurial and industrial temperament. 

Take the opportunity of your participation in the RICT conference in order to discover more about Nantes! Further information about the City, its monuments and much more can be found on the website of the city

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